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    If you have attended Horses, Money and Chocolate Part 1 at a conference or online, this is the next step for you in putting the information gained to use.

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  • About This Event

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, first introduced this event at a conference in 2018 with Katie Stankiewicz, where it was well received by a standing-room-only crowd.


    You know, the saying is true: 

    "How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything – even horses and chocolate!"



    Join Us To Get Your Business Insights Breakthrough!


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    You will:

    • Discover ways in which your money personality helps you, plus how it can hold you back and what to do about it
    • Begin to unravel your unique Money Code.
    • Reveal how your money personality can be strengthened to help more people with your horses
    • Empower pricing and packaging of your Equine Assisted Services.
    • Shed light on how you and your team can work more as a team.
    • Identify where marketing is hindered and what to do about it.
    • Pinpoint where you can free up time and resources to build the business you dream about.

    Get Your Questions Answered

    As the title says, this is an interactive event! You'll have the opportunity to ask questions.

    Miss Part 1? No Worry...

    This event is offered exclusively through HorseBusinessWhisperer.com - Simply email us and let us know you need the Part 1 materials! We will send them out to you so you get the most out of Part 2! We will send:

    • Your Money Personality Assessment 
    • Instructions for the assessment
    • Your Money Personality Cheat Sheet to learn more about your particular Money Personality.


    Check back for more classes.

  • Meet Your Host

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, & Mastery Certified Coach, is the Founder of HorseBusinessWhisperer.com and Founder/CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc. She's been helping business professionals and entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life for more than twenty years.


    Lora is passionate about horses and their ability to bring hope, healing and insight to we humans.

    She's dedicated to empowering Equine Assisted / Facilitated Professionals reach a greater audience with their heart-centered work.

    She's pictured here with her soul-horse, Chief aka "Dr Equus".

  • Remember, How You Do Money

    Is How You Do EVERYTHING...

    Even Horses & Chocolate!


  • Meet Our Event Sponsors

    We'd like to thank our Sponsors for underwriting this event.

    It just proves what we all know - Horse People are Awesome!

    Willow Equine Inc.

    Katie Stankiewicz, CPC, ELI-MP

    Wisdom Ranch Equine Curriculum Development

    Delena Austin, The Barnyard Professor


    Narissa Jenkins, Executive Director

  • What Others Are Saying About Horses Money & Chocolate and Working With Coach Lora...

    "I wanted to make a transition in my existing business, and add a component that would energize me in the therapy work I do.

    In working with Lora, I have discovered what was really holding me back. I now feel grounded and centered around the value of my work with the horses and I'm not afraid to step out there now! In fact, my business has taken a six-figure leap in a short period of time!"

    Liz Letson, Mental Health Professional, MN



    "Horses Money and Chocolate gave me insights into dynamics that were holding me back in my business and empowered me to make changes and develop a plan to move my business forward."

    Lia Sader, Stepping Stone Farms, WI



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